Sugary Drinks are Making us Sick

That’s why most Canadians agree it’s time for a levy on manufacturers of these unhealthy beverages.

Health organizations and leaders across the country support a sugary drink levy as one important and cost effective policy measure to reduce sugar consumption and protect Canadians’ health.

The Problem

Sugary drink consumption in Canada is making us sick and hitting us in the pocket book. If we don’t change, over 25 years it will kill 63,000 Canadians and cause millions of cases of chronic disease, costing us $50 billion in healthcare. Learn more.

The Solution

A levy will help Canadians reduce their consumption of sugary drinks, protect their health AND provide funding for healthy living initiatives.

Recent polls show that more than 70% of Canadians support a sugary drink tax or levy if revenues were used to support healthy eating initiatives such as the subsidization of vegetables and fruits or a universal school lunch program. Learn more.

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